Anoka Technical College is a two-year technical college located in Anoka, Minnesota. Established in 1967, the college provides students with practical skills and knowledge in various technical fields. With a focus on hands-on training, Anoka Tech prepares students for the workforce and offers programs that lead to in-demand careers.

Programs and Degrees Offered

Anoka Technical College offers more than 35 programs and certificates in various fields such as business, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, transportation, and more. Some of the popular programs include nursing, dental assisting, welding, CNC machining, electrical construction, and HVAC/R technology. Students can earn associate degrees, diplomas, or certificates depending on their chosen program.

Hands-on Training and Industry Connections

Anoka Tech’s hands-on training approach prepares students for real-world job experiences. The college has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment that simulate work environments. Additionally, the college has partnerships with industry leaders, providing students with opportunities for internships, job shadowing, and networking the detail of auto tech

Career Services and Job Placement

Anoka Tech provides comprehensive career services to help students achieve their career goals. The college has a Career Services Center that offers resume writing assistance, job search strategies, mock interviews, and career fairs. Anoka Tech also has a strong job placement record, with over 90% of graduates finding employment within six months of graduation.get the detail of la tech moodle

Affordability and Financial Aid

Anoka Technical College is an affordable option for students seeking higher education. The college has a lower tuition rate compared to four-year universities, and students can save money by completing their general education requirements at Anoka Tech before transferring to a four-year institution. The college also offers financial aid and scholarship opportunities to eligible students.

Campus Life and Activities

Anoka Tech has a vibrant campus life and offers numerous extracurricular activities for students. The college has various student clubs and organizations, including the Student Senate, SkillsUSA, and Phi Theta Kappa. Anoka Tech also hosts events such as the Fall Festival, Spring Fling, and Career Exploration Day.


Anoka Technical College offers students a practical and affordable way to obtain the skills and knowledge necessary for in-demand careers. With a focus on hands-on training, industry connections, and career services, Anoka Tech prepares students for success in the workforce. Whether you’re a recent high school graduate, a career changer, or someone looking to enhance your skills, Anoka Tech can help you achieve your goals.


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