Are you looking for something that will understand your business needs? Are you in need of an offshore merchant account instant approval? Then you have come to the right place. Below you will find more about the offshore merchant account and how to obtain one. So, continue reading this blog till the end.

Business entrepreneurs occasionally require an offshore merchant account instantly. But, in reality, none of the merchant service providers offers instant approval; some are faster than others. After your online website is fully operational, you should start the merchant account application procedure. A merchant account is essential to accept credit/debit card payments or other online payments.

Today, various kinds of merchant account services are available. Among all the services, offshore merchant account instant approval is popular. So, let’s look in detail at the offshore merchant account instant approval.

What is an Offshore Merchant Account Instant Approval?

A merchant account is considered offshore if the acquiring bank or offshore payment processor is located somewhere other than the business’s headquarters. For instance, if a US firm creates a European account to process payments, the US corporation would view the European account as offshore.

Both international and offshore merchant accounts are equivalent. The main contrast is that US acquiring banks often categorize merchants looking for offshore merchant accounts as high-risk. International merchant accounts are used by both high-risk and low-risk merchants who want to take advantage of the growing growth of global e-commerce.

Due to their location in nations with no tax laws, these accounts also provide tax advantages.

How to Qualify for an Offshore Merchant Account Instant Approval?

It could be crucial to confirm if your existing merchant account is an offshore merchant account, depending on the type of your offshore company. For instance, this part would apply if your company engages in online commerce or accepts payments from any country, especially in Europe.

Even small businesses may need these options for unique reasons, such as accepting credit card payments from customers who live abroad and need stronger fraud safety measures than those currently offered by conventional local financial institutions. However, not all sellers fall into such categories.

Documents Required for an Offshore Merchant Account Instant Approval?

The following paperwork is required to continue the process of opening an offshore merchant account with instant approval with WebPays. Every service provider has their own set of rules. Let’s check what WebPays needs –:

  • A canceled check.
  • An authorized government-issued identification document like a driving license or passport.
  • Three months of the last transaction statements.
  • An SSN, Social Security Number, and an EIN, Employer Identification Number.
  • A utility bill for address proof.
  • Copy of the business licenses.

Along with these documents, the merchant should be ready with their active websites. The websites must contain the following pages –:

  • Private Policy pages
  • Terms and conditions pages
  • Company name must appear on the footer
  • Deposit and refund policy pages
  • Credit card processing logo (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)
  • Contact details such as email id or live chat
  • Risks to Avoid

As long as a working website is in a development platform, it is generally fine if the site still needs to be deployed.

We know how challenging it can be to find the ideal payment service provider. Likely, you have already been turned down if you have run a high-risk business and tried to get approved for an international or foreign credit card transaction service.

We are here to help you, so contact us through mail or live chat.

Apply with us for Your Offshore Merchant Account Instant Approval

Applying for an offshore merchant account instant approval is free and comes with no commitment. You must submit an application and all required documentation to register, though. Also, a qualified account manager will help you with the application process.

With WebPays, you can obtain your offshore merchant account instant approval for the least amount of money. Also, your offshore merchant account request will be approved in three to seven working days if you have a respectable contract. Also, the whole registration file can be accessed from this site.

What Benefits Can You Get with The WebPays Offshore Merchant Account Instant Approval?

There are numerous ways in which firms benefit from offshore payment processing. If you want to expand your clientele and sell globally, high-risk payment solutions provided by an offshore company provide several benefits that you should consider.

  • Accept various currencies from all over the world. As a result, your customers will see that you accept payments in their currency rather than a different one and are more likely to complete the transaction.
  • You can increase sales and access a larger market with our offshore payment processing services. Also, high-risk offshore merchant accounts are excellent for high-risk businesses that wish to reach a global market but need the necessary accounts.
  • Offshore transactions and selling your goods and services worldwide might help you save money and cut costs. For instance, you can reduce operational expenses, pay less tax, and even reduce your company’s processing costs.
  • With cutting-edge verification technologies, all transactions will be secure, free of fraud, and with accessible customer service whenever you need it.


High-risk business owners that set up offshore merchant services have a safe way to take payments. You may also access exclusive credit to protect the company’s liquidity. Moreover, offshore merchant accounts’ instant approval does not have volume restrictions.

Contact our qualified specialists at WebPays to learn more about setting up an offshore account if you want a flawless and straightforward process of opening an offshore merchant account with instant approval.


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